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Saturday, April 01, 2006

"The Green Monster Beckons" (So Does Shea Stadium)

“The Monster Is Calling Me & Others”

Sunday Night is Baseball’s Opening Night, made for Cable & Satellite Television, but who cares, as Monday is the Real Opener of The Baseball Season.

I was in a Wendy’s Hamburger Place @ the corner of Metropolitan Avenue & Woodhaven Boulevard, on the East Glendale-Forest Hills Border in Queens. I was donning a Red Sox Cap & had finished my meal.

One table over, a couple of Bona Fide NY Mets Fans from Queens, were chowing down on the fare. I spotted them & they spotted me & we talked for a bit.

The guy was looking to get Red Sox Tickets for sometime this season.

You in the New England Area, may not know this, but REAL NY METS Fans, also root for a team which plays in a sweet Major League Ball Park, which is bounded by Van Ness Street & Landsdowne Street. They share with you, an incredible hostility towards THAT team in The Bronx.

1986 was only a quarrel, mercifully short-lived.

I will probably go to Fenway, once this season. I need to, badly.

I refuse to spend my money on a team, owned by George Costanza’s Boss.

Red Sox Nation’s NY Home-In-Exile, is located @ 126th Street & Roosevelt Avenue, in an area not as charming as the area by Fenway Park, but it is Allied & NOT Enemy Territory. Red Sox Caps are a common sight @ Shea Stadium, but more-so when either Pedro Martinez or Tom Glavine, are the starting pitchers.

The fan, his gal & I, talked baseball & plans to get tickets @ both Shea & Fenway.

My 1st Game in Shea Stadium, will be a Sunday Night E S P N Game with The Team In The Bronx, which we mutually despise.

I’m aiming for Saturday, 06/17/06 , when “The Carmine Hose” face the Philadelphia Phillies @ Fenway Park. It’ll be a real Baseball Weekend as the Mets & Orioles will be in Shea Stadium, where I’ll be the night before Fenway.

The Green Monster is Calling a lot of us.

Click on title for a funny Red Sox Fan Site.



Blogger Peter N said...

The Call of the Green Monster is indeed a funny site. And Michael, I hope you have time next time you are perusing the blogs to stop by mine. Just click on my name above, and you can find it in the profile. Thanks. Have a great season.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Peter N said...

If you need help adding links here, it is so easy. And I resisted until my nephew showed me just how easy. Let me know. I can help. And I'll add your blog to mine, too.

11:09 AM  

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