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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Freaking yankees Posers

“Poser Jackass-yankees Cap Wearing”

A Question which I ask every Baseball Season is, just how many people are mere posers by wearing a yankees cap? You know that cap by the spidery interlocking NY on the Navy-Blue Cap.

Just how many of these people have been up to East 161st Street & River Avenue in The Bronx? I don’t think their parents would let them on the 4 Train.

If anybody really knows the yankees’ crowds, they are basically a New Jersey & Upstate Suburban crowd. One never really sees anyone get on the Subway to Queens or Brooklyn in regards to this team.

A # of yankees Posers go to Shea Stadium, to create havoc for NY Mets & Boston Red Sox Fans, who will actually watch a team which they root for. Red Sox Nation is an honorary part of NY Mets Province & always welcome @ Shea Stadium. yankees “Fans” are as welcome at Shea Stadium & Fenway Park, as Hitler is, in a Jewish Neighborhood.

On one “FOX Saturday Baseball” telecast, the Insufferable Mr Timothy Mc Carver, perhaps auditioning for the “NO” Network, the television network of the yankees, made one of his dumb, pedantic observations that Red Sox Fans are “Bandwagon Fans.” Of course, Tim dared not say that in regards to yankees “Fans”, so as not to spoil his audition. derek jeter loves all that adulation, heaped on him, by Tim The Dim Bulb.

Note that in regards to the yankees, in a technique borrowed from Rebecca from “Reb Sox” & Jere from “A Red Sox Fan In Pinstriped Territory”, the name “yankees” will not be capitalized, nor will I call the yankees tv network by its’ proper acronym, hence the word “NO” to describe that network.

In my experience, you won’t find any real New Yorkers from The 4 Other Boroughs of N Y C. You may find Manhattan Residents, who usually come from another part of the world, who will go to that part of The Bronx.

Shea Stadium is where the real people go. Let the tourists pose in The Bronx.
& may the denizens of Fenway & Shea, have a great year.

Click to Jere’s Blog on the title. Thanks! It’s good reading.


Blogger Jere said...

Thanks for the link, Michael.

Don't forget the rich people I grew up around in Fairfield County, CT, as a huge % of yankee fans. They drive in, and run out of there.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

A lot of Fairfielders, made the Bleachers a Season Ticket Plan. There were almost no Genuine New Yorkers @ Yankee Stadium.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Peter N said...

I've never heard of a team called the Yankess. But I saw the sign...I thought it was for a bus company or something.

4:44 PM  

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