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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Changes for "Fox Saturday Baseball"

For Prime Team, replacing "The Master & Commander of Sarcasm", Joe Buck, & "The Master of The Obvious Observation", Tim McCarver, it may be an unusual request, but why not 1 announcerless game, & just let the real fans of the Game, ENJOY a game, unencumbered, @ least ONCE a year.

NBC Sports did that back in the 1980s'(late '80s'), in a late Season game, between the Miami Dolphins & The NY Jets, in Miami. It was a Most-Unique experience.

Canada's CBC, carried the Canadian Football League Games, over the last few weeks, without commentators, as a strike of the TV-Radio Unions, has been underway. It's been reported that the strike was settled, recently.

That, unfortunately, may not be realistic, so I, a NYC Member of Red Sox Nation, have come up with an unusual request:

Replace The £1 FOX Team, with real fans & Students of Our National Pastime;

If it must be Professional Announcers, my £1 Team, would be Kenny Albert(Son of Broadcast Legend, Marv Albert), & Jerry Remy(The RemDawg). Kenny, in his father's tradition, gives a fair & balanced call of the game. Jerry, who has worked Fox Saturday Baseball, on occassion, adds perspective & humor, when needed.

If it's Fans, I have an Outstanding Fan to do a Game;
A writer from Brooklyn(As in all of his Life, he being called "Brooklyn Sox Fan"), John Quinn, would be Play By Play, & knows when to hold it, to let the fans WATCH the Game:
Colour, would be one @ good give & take, Don Orsillo, who knows the fine points without treating the audience as if they were mere novices;
Never mind Sideline Reporters; that wasn't what I remember on NBC Saturday Baseball, when I was a kid in Brooklyn.

The telecasts have enough graphics, so one does NOT need "Scooter The Talking Baseball(Peter Puck Comes To Mind)." WE ARE NOT MORONS.

Buck & McCarver should be relegated to a £3 Team.

After this World Series Coverage, expect my latest Parody, with EVERY IMAGINEABLE Tim McCarver-Joe Buck Coverage Gaffe, called "The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship on FOX." It'll be better than the 1st Parody, as it's "FOX Saturday Baseball" meets "FOX NFL Sunday", meets The Actual K of C Free Throw. It'll follow the 3 In The Booth Setup, in The ALCS & NLCS, on the Fox Network.
In This Contest, Pregame is "FOX NFL Sunday", the Contest is Buck, McCarver & Mike Piazza, with Sideline Reporters, who were former contestants, & Post-Game, on "Best Damn Sports Show, PERIOD."

Just an observation by me/enjoy!


Blogger Jere said...

Having seen every Jets game from '85 to a few years ago, I knew there couldn't have been an announcerless game featuring them in the late 80s, as I surely would have remembered if there had been.

So I did a little research, and per, it was 1980, and was a one-time experiment:,3783,4418789,00.html

12:53 AM  

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