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Sunday, April 30, 2006

"OMG-Someone Killed Kenny-It Was Those Bastards @ 'FOX Saturday Baseball' "

As the Major League Baseball Season is underway, we are getting familiar with our teams & our teams’ Radio & TV Commentators. I love watching & listening to Don Orsillo & Jerry Remy (NESN-Red Sox), Gary (& it’s outta here) Cohen, Keith Hernanadez & Ron Darling (SNY-Mets), & Mr Vincent Scully in Los Angeles, as well as Mr Jon Miller in San Francisco & Mr Dave Henderson in Seattle.

Red Sox Fans in the New York Metropolitan Area, this week, will have to put up with the Braying Blohard, Michael “Y2” Kay, the Consumate Shill on the yankees TV Offering called, officially, YES, but for Red Sox & Mets Fans, it’ll simply be called “NO”.

But, Baseball will get a shock to its’ system, on Saturday, May 20th, 2006 @ 1:00PM, EDT. The New York & New England Region will get its’ 1st Shock & survive it, with gales of laughter. The Mets face the yankees, in the 1st Telecast of “FOX Saturday Baseball”, now in its’ 11th Season, & how it got through those years, I have no idea.

“Mime In The Rock Band, has made some noise”;
“In the time it took to play this game, I could have flown from Baltimore to Iceland”;
“You led me into it-I didn’t say a thing”;
“They needed a Derrick, to get Jeter out”;
“This is the biggest give-up at bat”;
“I caught Steve Carlton-I know what I’m talking about”;
“If a pitcher is tough to hit, he’s tough to umpire”;
“Brandon Arroyo & Pedro Martinez will start Game 2”;
“They call it a high & inside pitch because the arms are attached to the shoulder.”

I ask you all out there:
Which of these comments by Tim Mc Carver, will kill Kenny on “South Park”?

“Get some oxygen, Tim; you’re out of breath”;
“Ohhhhh, & rips one into Right Center Field; take your words back; Up against the wall & Koo is going to think about a triple & will hold with a double”;
“I was in Ga Ga Land, too”;
“How long, Tim before we hear about the Handsome, Swashbuckling, Dashing, Debonnaire, Derek Jeter”?

Which sarcastic comments will Joe Buck make, which will Kill Kenny on “South Park”?

Click on The Title & read a send-up of the “FOX Saturday Baseball” Genre.

We all need a few laughs. Thanks!


Blogger Peter N said...

Fox coverage sucks for another reason. They don't even spend the extra few bucks to show their Saturday debacles in Hi-Def. Screw them.

11:02 AM  

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