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Monday, February 13, 2006

"Everythings Running Normally-Yeah! Right!"

Whenever the MTA Subsidiary, New York City Transit Authority (An Authority In What, I Don't Know) announces that Subway & Bus Services are running normally, after a big snowstorm, especially one which dropped 27 inches of snow on Central Park, or 25.4 inches on Queens, one wonders just how truthful this all is.
This morning's service on the J Train, was "The Trip From Hell." It was replete with slowdowns & changing from Skip-Stop Express & Full Express Service, to All-Local Service, inching into Lower Manhattan.
Coupled with M Trains terminating @ Myrtle Avenue-Broadway, a fairly-comfortable ride, turned into a train so-crowded, it would cause a full-panic attack from a person with Claustrophobia.
My back & kidneys hurt. I finally arrive @ Fulton Street-Nassau Street. Two Exits were closed. It was a slippery climb up those steps.
Might "There's a train in front of us; we'll be moving shortly" mean "We don't know what the f--- we're doing"? Or is it code for "We know that when we say things are running normally, that it's all bull----; just anything to get you to fork over $2"?
The NYCTA also has jurisdiction over the Manhattan & Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority(MABSTOA-Buses in Manhattan & Bronx, which were run by Private Companies until 1962), & the Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority(SIRTOA-Railroad once owned by Baltimore & Ohio Railroad until 7/1/71). I guess that they were running the same "Everything is normal-pay the $2" message, as did the parent NYCTA.
At least the Long Island Railroad (MTA-Long Island Railroad Company) & Metro-North (MTA-Metro North Commuter Railroad), told the truth & didn't give false hopes to their customers. Customers of those lines were told that many sections of the 3rd rail were covered in snow, so some diesel service was in place, though, not too much.
All I ask of MTA's NYCTA, is be more-honest with your customers. We don't appreciate Illuminati-Like Secrecy & BS. Only then, will we be glad to pay "The $2." Thanks!


Blogger Jere said...

so glad I walk to work. except for stepping in huge snow-puddles on every corner.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

& you met FiNY on East 14th Street? Lucky You!

6:38 PM  

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