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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ecchlesial IDIOTS of Boston- Part I

When I speak of these Idiots, I'm not talking about the 2004 "Bunch of Idiots" like Damon, Millar, Ramirez, Lowe, Martinez or Ortiz (Of those "Idiots", only Ortiz & Ramirez are left with the Red Sox).
No! I am talking about members of the Catholic Church Heirarchy in The Archdiocese of Boston, who transferred the NOTORIOUS Fr Paul Shanley, a serial sexual predator to assignments in Boston, California & NYC.
Fr Paul Shanley received a Special Imprint on his soul, upon reception of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, to be a member of the Priestly Fraternity & to perform "In The Name Of The Father, Son & Holy Spirit", the "Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass", for "The Glory Of God." That, he was unable to do throughout his time as a Priest, WORTHILY, because his attentian was mainly on young people, who are so trusting of a Priest, no matter who he is, so he could manipulate them into perverted sexual acts. In other words, his God was a Phallic Symbol, or even a live penis.
In 1962, he raped a 14 Year Old Girl. He used to tell his selected victims that "It's a Mortal Sin, if you tell anyone what goes on here between you & me." He also loved boys for what he could do with them, such as masturbating them, having them masturbate him, having them perform fellatio on him & he had anal intercourse with them. He did this to Altar Boys & Boys in the Confessional. He was transferred to several parishes over the years, with the Archdiocese of Boston not telling anyone about the reasons why. The Garbage Continued, unabated.
His Personnel File @ the Archdiocesan Chancery was beinning to look like the Manhattan Phone Book (It was getting that thick). He founded a "Street Ministry", for troubled youth, which was nothing more than a ruse to have gay sex with troubled boys. Yet, Humberto Cardinal Medeiros gave his "Official Blessing" to this project.
The Vicar General of The Archdiocese of Boston, Bishop Thomas V. Daily(Retired Supreme Chaplain of The Knights of Columbus & Retired Bishop of Brooklyn, NY @ the Present Time & To Think I've even done business with him, makes me wonder as to how many pints of Guiness Stout I was consuming), never really looked at Shanley's Folder & just signed off on everything.
Shanley, after all his sexual activity, developed some form of VD. He was also a founder of NAMBLA. It pained The Church, but NO ACTION WAS TAKEN.
With his folder, NO ONE CALLED THE POLICE?
With the death of Cardinal Medeiros, Bishop Daily was named Apostolic Administrator of The Archdiocese of Boston. He gave his blessing for Fr Shanley to become Apostolic Administrator of St Jean's Parish. Shanley was happy to see that there was a supply of boys as altar servers. One of those boys was Gregory Ford. He started sexually molesting him, when Greg was age 6 until he was 13, on a weekly basis. Complaints were accumulating.
One woman saw a diary written by her son, about the sexual predator activities of Shanley.
Well, Bishop Daily thought that this woman was some fanatic & found ways to keep her from calling. Telephone protocols were set up to avoid her.
When the Geoghan & Shanley Scandals hit the papers in NY & Boston, it was curtains for this functionary, an expert in covering up everything. Those scandals hit when Cardinal Law was still Archbishop of Boston. Daily has been deposed a # of times, in connection with both of these priests as well as with other priests in the Boston Area.
The Personnel Record of Fr Shanley, read like a Police Report of crimes, yet was never turned in to any Boston Area Police Forces. Daily neglected his duty, egregiously & systemically.
Tommy? Ya blew it; you're Big Time on my "Idiots" list.
End of Part I;
Click on title to go to a site about this horrific chain of events.
Thanks & Peace To All!


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