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Thursday, February 07, 2008

There's Evidence That Roger Clemens Engaged In "Needle Point n Click"

It is being reported that the Not So-Clement, Nor Loving, Nor Sweet William Roger Clemens, is in exceptionally-serious trouble:

You see, Mr Brian Mc Namee of The Rockaways, known as Roger & Andy's Personal "Strength Coach", has PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, including Syringes, Gauze Pads & Traces of Roger's Blood & Various Steroids, which he gave to the FBI, which will put Roger in the position of lying to Congress, which could lead to his indictment of Federal Perjury Charges;

The 2000* World Series Champion Yankees will have an asterisk, next to that team's name;

Mistaking a ball for a bat & almost killing a man by beaning him, while drugged up like that, made me wonder just what was Roger full of, besides "S--t";

Never Fool Ma Nature, as one'll get a nice bite to the chunk(Sort Of Paraphrasing "Fitzy" here);

Click on The Title of This Article & be taken to the NY Post Article;





Blogger Peter N said...

This whole Clemens story line seems to be dragged directly from the tabloids. I'm not talking about you, Mike. Just the entire enchilada.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It seems that way, Peter, but William Roger is just NOT a nice man:

He believed that the Rules did NOT apply to him at all;

For Further Roger Reading, go to my Op-Ed on Roger. I even mention the day Roger played a "Show & Tell" Exibit, in a Brooklyn Catholic School;


9:18 AM  

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