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Sunday, January 21, 2007

"1st Quarter is Boston 7 & BROOKLYN 0"

Ok, so the Pariots don't play at Braves Field or Fenway Park, anymore. So What! They are however playing the Franchise that once existed as The NFL Brooklyn Dodgers of Ebbets Field Fame:

1st, there were the Dayton Triangles, who existed from 1920 until 1929. Then, they became the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1930 to 1945, then the Boston Yanks from 1945-47, then the NY Bulldogs from 1948 to 1949(Polo Grounds), then the NY Yankees from 1950 to 1951(They Played at a place that Red Sox Nation calls "The Toilet"). In 1952, they were the Dallas Texans, then moved to Baltimore in 1953, where they were the Baltimore Colts until the end of the '83 Season;

From 1984 until now, the Colts can't get it done in the RCA Dome, in big games. They must be like the Brooklyn Dodgers in a sense, since they couldn't get it done either;

Maybe, a new name for the Indianapolis Colts should be "Dem Bums", 'cause that's what you get for deserting Brooklyn & Baltimore.


Blogger Michael Leggett said...

It's Now 21-3 Boston over Brooklyn:

Ahhh, the Curses of Ebbets Field & Memorial Stadium, live on;

"Dem Bums"!

8:03 PM  
Blogger Kaylee said...

21-13 but i agree manning wants everybody to believe he is a good QB but he cant win the big game win a super bowl and i might believe it brady has:)

8:50 PM  
Blogger Kaylee said...

maybe he can do it or at least he did:(

10:24 PM  

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