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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lugo Is A Flat-Footed A--h-l-, Ramon Martinez Can't Field & S N Y Is Approved Viewing Behind "Enemy Lines"

Lugo The SS, is looking for an ankle hang from a ramp to the Verrazano Bridge(As he grew up in Sunset Park, in Brooklyn), for his flat-footed attempt to perform a double play, as well as his inability to drive in runs, in the Mets 5-3 Victory over the Red Sox, in The Fens-Kenmore Square Area:

Johann Santana gave up 3 Runs(1 Earned and it was V-Tek's Homer into the Parking Garage on Lansdowne Street, Somewhere over The Green Monster, or The Rainbow, Whatever). Johan K'd 8, K'ing Big Papi 3X and Youk, 3X, and did clip Youk on his right elbow. Youkilis, noted for his temper, wanted to charge the mound. Umpires kept him away. Take the free pass, Youk-no need for Histrionics;

Ramon Martinez is, perhaps, worse than Julio Lugo, commiting 2 Errors, but he did drive in a run, unlike Lugo. David Wright singled in a Run. He also botched a ground ball, for his 7th Error This Season;

Gary Sheffield homered into the 1st Row of The Green Monster, off a rather "Dicey" Daisuke Matsuzaka, who was back from "DL-Rehab Land". Dice K was getting shaky by the 3rd Inning;

11 errors have been commited whenever Santana pitched for the Mets. His ERA is 1.50;

We viewed this game on S N Y;

Gary Cohen(CBS-Westwood One), who once called Pawsox Games, and comes from Queens, supplied the Play-By-Play. Ron Darling, who grew up in Worcester, who went to St John's H S, and was a rival of Rich Gedman(St Paul's H S), gave pitching commentary. Keith Hernandez(I don't understand the nickname of Mex, as his mum, Jacqueline, was of Irish Descent), gave hitting commentary. They were OBJECTIVE & THOUGHTFUL, even wishing Our Beloved Mr Gerald Peter Remy, a Speedy Recovery(During a shot of "Eck" on N E S N);

Bill Webb directed last night's telecast, produced by Curt Gowdy Jr;

S N Y is NOT Y E S(Thank Goodness, as we despise a YES Telecast and all of Michael Kay's Histrionics);

For those of you outside of N E S N and S N Y Regions, tonight's game at 7:10PM, will be carried on MLB Network. Mike Pelfrey will pitch vs Josh Beckett;

tbs(Very Funny) will carry the game, except in N E S N and S N Y Markets, tomorrow at 1:35PM-ET. In The NY Market, WPIX-11, will carry the S N Y Produced Telecast and has a satellite feed;

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Blogger The Omnipotent Q said...

Santana spells his name "Johan" not "Johann."

3:46 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

OK! Johan!

10:13 AM  

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