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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Fans Made A "Bee" Line To Say Goodbye To Shea Stadium-As Cold As A J-E-T-S Game In December

Let's Put it this way-it was if the NY Jets were playing there in December. In short, it was COLD:

On "Mets Blog"
, fans got the message to "Show Up At Shea" for one last hurrah, for the Mets Home Park for 45 Years. It was a time of stories, laughs and some tears;

Gate B is Gone. Remaining are The Power System Shed, Gate C, The "Will Call Windows", The Advanced Sale Windows, and Gate D;

Upper Level along The Right Field Line, well the concrete is being removed. After That, The Upper Level will be dismantled and ripdown will proceed, rather-swiftly;

Say Good Night, Mr Met!



Blogger SINYMETS said...

Great work Michael and great pics and video how fitting that the last weekend of Shea was cold and blustry

10:54 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Like a J-E-T-S Game in December, Steve, it was fitting, as I've frozen my arse off at Shea Stadium, a few times:

In 1967 at Jets-KC in December, it was so cold and my feet were numb, as The Jets were Losing, Pop said "It's too damn cold. Let's get outta here";

My feet warmed up in the car, and they were sore after the warm-up;

No wonder Willie Mays called Shea Stadium a worse wind place than Candlestick Park;

In a September, 1967 Doubleheader vs Houston Astros, with Salty Parker as Interim Manager, after Wes Westrum resigned, I actually spilled Hot Chocolate, by accident, on me, which warmed me up. It was 38 Degrees Farenheit at the Damn Doubleheader, a Twi-Nighter, featuring Banner Night;

Fuckin' A-That was Cold!

11:55 PM  

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