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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Litany Of The Riviera Cafe' & Sports Bar"(#400 BTW)

In keeping with my time-honoured tradition of mentioning some place, claiming to be the "Home Of Red Sox Nation In NYC", I present to you the Sorrowful Mystery Cafe', called "The Riviera Cafe' & Sports Bar" at West 4th Street & 7th Avenue South, in the Greenwich Village:

You had a GREAT Thing Going. A GREAT Bar Manager named James Mc Guire, formerly from Newark, NJ, who, as he tended bar one day, was asked to switch channels, as your establishment has the MLB Extra Innings, to the Boston Red Sox(Perhaps, NY's 3rd Long Lost Baseball Team)Game on NESN. Thus began an IMMENSE Following;

Gone were the days when only getting Red Sox Games on FOX, ESPN & when the Yankees Played them. This town wailed for, & you listened to the Impassioned Cries of those chantings of "Let's Go Red Sox";

You made us feel at home. "The Carmine Hose" Prevailed over those Horrible NY Yankees. & what did you do? You RIPPED DOWN a Celebratory Banner, congratulating the '04 World Champion Red Sox. & then, you fired your greatest asset, Mc Guire. Your celebration was seen WORLDWIDE on The FOX Feed, hence you received free publicity, so more people flocked from far & wide;

Why was that banner ripped down? Was Derek Jeter coming with his bevy of starlets? Was it because you didn't want to offend A-Rod? Am I making any sense here;

So Starts my Litany;

Sertell The GM;

Normie The Owner;

Kazmercyk, a partner;

Brennan, a partner;


Michael Kay;

John Sterling;



Mc Carver;

FOX Sports;


ALL Of The Above are "Persone Non Grati";

Simply Translated into my native Brooklynese from Latin;

"F--- 'Em All";

We've got more & Better Options with "Professor Thom's", where Mc Guire The Great Is An Owner, at 219 2nd Avenue;

& for Alternative, there's always "The Hairy Monk" at East 25th Street and 3rd Avenue;

Both Places are PROUD Members Of Red Sox Nation;

"F--- The F------ Riviera!"(As I'm Prompted By Jim Mc Guire To Chant);

You clowns are as loved as Juan Damon-ey & the YES Network(NOT);

This is the end of my ranting Litany. I hope that You have all enjoyed it, as much as I have enjoyed Writing it;



Blogger Mike Edelman said...

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to stop by them some time!

7:37 PM  
Blogger Christine E. said...

Hey Michael:

Happy Blog-a-versary! What does one get for someone who has posted his 400th?


9:23 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Come by, anytime to those 2 Pubs, Mike:

& Christine? Thanks for your support;


11:37 PM  

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