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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why No AOL For Me

Just what is America's Fascination with AOL? Is it really so easy to use? What is so fun about dialing up 26 times to get on line? Are the Chat Rooms so intellectually-stimulating?

When I 1st went onto the web, I was using a Brother GeoBook, using the Mac-Like GEOS 3.0(Graphical Environment Operating System.). My 1st Internet service Provider, was a then-unknown, called Earthlink, in March, 1998.

I use Earthlink, today, via Time-Warner Cable, in NYC. It's the way to use The Internet. Earthlink allows me to get stuff done, without various bloholes hitting me on AOL IM, with messages to visit a porn link.

The Internet is easy to use. I don't need training wheels. All that AOL does, is eat up space on the Hard Drive.

You don't have to pay for Yahoo. I like my Red Sox Pages. I meet people through the Red Sox Sites.

I don't need AOL. It saves me money, not having that service.

Besides, a 6GB HD, gets full in a hurry, though a 40GB HD, may allow me to do AOL, again.
I'm not of the Herd Mentality. I root for The Red Sox In NYC. It makes me happy.

Ciao, All!


Blogger Jere said...

Also not part of herd mentality, also Sox fan in NYC, still have my AOL just to keep the email address I've had for ten years. Stubborn. Don't pay full amount, though. Don't even use their browser.

And what's this about a Red Sox/Grunge place?

1:35 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

OK, Jere, a place called "Pat O'Brien's", at East 88th Street & 2nd Avenue, has a fun, beer & whiskey atmosphere, but from what I gather, no bar food like burgers & such.

They do, however, show the games on NESN. Hence, to me, it's "Red Sox Grunge."

4:46 PM  

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