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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Omar Minaya, Jeffy Wilpon & Fred Wilpon Are 3 F--king A--h-les

Absolute F--king Useless A--h-les! Add The ABSO-F--king USELESS Luis Castillo and you have an "Absolutely F--king USELESS Barber Shop Quartet":

Instead of restocking The Farm System & getting High Quality Players, Omar Minaya, a COWARD and Coffee Boy for the Heretofore ABSOLUTELY Idiotic JEFFY Wilpon, who Mets Fans call "An A--h-le & A Retard", just follows along with what ever Jeffy The Baboon, says. Hiring that Treacherous Buffoon, Tony Bernezard, who wants Manny Acta as Manager so badly, was a MAJOR Error In Judgement, as Bernezard, who SUCKED as a 2nd Baseman with The Montreal Expos, became Jeffy The Baboon's Advisor on how to run Willie Randolph out on the next #7 Train;

Over the Winter of '06/'07, NO Moves were made by the FO, except to bring in Lower Quality Players to get even with Willie Randolph, for a Contract Extension, as well as to build Fred & Jeffy's Cash Machine & Rumpus Room(Citi Field). Luis Castillo was old & slow, yet signed to a 4 Year Deal;

The Deal Blew up, tonight, becoming Fodder for Propaganda on North Korean Television(The YES Network), as broadcast by Kim Il Sung, I mean That Putz, Michael Kay, describing how the ball dropped i/f/o The Useless Castillo, who Francisco(K-Rod)Rodriguez wanted to throw under a speeding D Train, with the Mets Losing 9-8;

My Advice to The Wilpon Gang-As You're absof--kinglutely ruining EVERYTHING, Sell The Mets and take Omar The Garbage Dealer and Bernezard with you. You're running a 5th Rate Bananna Republic & Rest Home for burned out players;

Buffalo In The IL, is the WORST Leading Farm Club in The International League. Binghamton in The AA Eastern League, is the WORST Team in THAT League. It means that your Farm System does NOT EXIST. This is a "S--ta--" Farm System;

The Pez Report RAGE Edition



Anonymous Lisa K. said...

Are you not happy with the Mets ownership, Mike? Or am I making assumptions here?

6:50 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

No Assumptions, Lisa, at all. I DESPISE These "Bernie From Far Rockaway" Investors, who keep the Fans out of the way by making their club as bad as the Junkyards across the Street from $iti Field. In despising the Yankees, it's as if The Wilpons and Omar Minaya, don't give a flying f--k about their product:

This is "Springtime For Hitler" for crying aloud.

12:07 AM  

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