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Friday, January 02, 2009

Baseball Premieres 24/7-A Review

One thing to remember is an old time telecast. The Don Larsen Perfect Game was a classic. No Clutter, no Viagra commercials and a straight TV call by Mr Mel Allen and Mr Vin Scully, was a treat:

The Original Yankee Stadium and NOT that Farce called Stadium II, was a cavernous place. 457 to L C F is a long way. The New Stadium III will pay tribute, on the exterior to Stadium I, but will be a corporate multplex with touches of Stadium II, sponsored by Bank Of America on the Inside;

All of those spectators at Stadium I, wore business suits. I didn't see a single woman in the place. Thank goodness for a straight call of the game;

MLB Network premiered yesterday. The 1st Owners of MLB Teams were on the Premiere. They are NY Mets COO Jeffy Wilpon and Chicago White Sox Owner, Jerry Reinsdorf. In Jerry's case, he grew up in the Shadow of Ebbets Field, in Brooklyn's Crown Heights Neighborhood. Reinsdorf could walk to Ebbets Field. He actually saw Jackie Robinson's 1st MLB Game;

Recently voted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame, as a Broadcaster, was Tony Kubek. He was seen in a kinescope, with NBC Microphone in hand, interviewing the 1967 St Louis Cardinals Catcher;

That Catcher, in later years, would inspire websites, calling for his utter annihilation, being a Lead Baseball Analyst on ABC, CBS and now FOX. I will not mention Tim Mc Carver by name(Wait-I just did that);

Studio 3, where Pre and Post Game and Hot Stove Reports, is in honor of Babe Ruth. Studio 42 is in honor of Jackie Robinson. The Telecast of Don Larsen's Perfect Game, came out of Studio 42, with Guests, Don Larsen and Yogi Berra, who caught Larsen's Game, on October 8th, 1956. Bob Costas was interviewer and host;

Promising Start to a New Network;

Play Ball, 24/7;




Blogger Peter N said...

It's here in Farmington on Comcast ch. great is that! See ya...Peter

4:53 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Fab, Peter! Channel 174 on Time Warner in NYC.

9:36 AM  

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