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Friday, February 29, 2008

As You Know It's Cold & Time To Think Fenway Park & Spring

Sunday, April 20th @ 1:35PM, with Texas & Saturday, May 17th @ 3:55PM-ET. I'll be at that Game in May to avoid Mets Skanks @ The Toilet, as well as FOX Coverage of Red Sox-Brewers, with a chance to let Eric Gag-me, really have it for making this race a little too close for comfort, not to mention sheer Mc Carver Mockery:

The NY Mets, in their quest to draw 4.7Million Fans to the Last Season in The Ballpark in The Middle Of NOWHERE(Shea Stadium), gave me a call. I'll take a small package with them;

I think I may just skip "The Toilet", unless Red Sox Tickets open up on 4th Of July Weekend in The Bronx;

A contingent of Red Sox Regulars from Professor Thom's may be @ The Last Game in "The Toilet"(AKA Yankee Stadium), only hanging around outside. You think we'd go to "The Toilet" for a ball game? A Toilet is for going to the bathroom, ONLY;




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Interesting, but quite provocative... :)

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