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Monday, November 12, 2007

You KNOW It's Not Baseball Season On This Blog WHEN

I get into Nuts & Bolts Discussions of Catholic Faith:

I do get a bit emotional, at times, listening to Prayers Of The Church, sung in Gregorian Chant, in Latin;

I no longer have weekly bouts of Indigestion from the Latest Telecast of “ MLB On FOX”;

I rip the crap out of Bad Liturgical Music;

I blast the latest piece of Microsoft software to Smitherines, for being as useful as wet toilet paper;

I change from one Gregorian Chant to another Gregorian Chant(Wait, I also do that according to the way, the Red Sox are playing at that moment in time);

I’m not singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”, in the 7th Inning @ Professor Thom’s;

I’m raging against the wind, or about Mets Ownership, every 9 days;

I’m writing the Annual Satirical Sendup of “MLB On FOX”;

I write about some amazing hardware by the Gang at Apple;

I write about that venerable piece of amazing software, called AppleWorks 6.2.9, being used right now, to write this essay;

I rage against Catholics, who join The Masons;

I rage about the lack of Catachetical Training, which Catholic School Students, experience or don’t experience;

I write about Neolithic Office, as far superior in technical excellence, to that $399 to $499 Pile Of Goat Custard, made for the Macintosh, called Microsoft Office, which is far more-fun on a Mac, By The Way;

I wonder if Bill Gates can sleep, restfully, after realizing that XP & Vista, are over-hyped pieces of junk, needing to be patched every week;

I draw blanks in my writing;
I wonder why people keep buying the latest hype from Microsoft, by buying a PC, when all they ever do is moan and whine about how crappy the Operating System is, but keep on buying the hype;

I write about people who believe themselves to be indispensible, but are pains in my arse(I AM Talking about you, Alex Rodriguez);

I wonder why the people who criticize Mac Users, are people who’ve never owned one;

I now know why Monks are peaceable. They’re at Prayer and are enjoying the Fermented Liquid Bread of Their Labors;

I believe that I’ll have a couple of those Fermented Liquid Bread Containers, before I retire for this evening. Let’s just say that the fine liquid, fermented bread, is made in Boston, by Harpoon Ale;

Good Night-Pleasure talking to you;

Pax Vobiscum;




Blogger Peter N said...

Well written Mike, as we are upon the Mike signing.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

I Thank You, Peter:

Let's hope that Mr Lowell, of IRISH Descent, inks his contract, soon;


9:07 AM  

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