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Monday, November 12, 2007

I Had One Of Those Unusual "Cross Platform" Dreams, Overnight

I am both a Baseball Fan & a Past Grand Knight of a Knights Of Columbus Council, located in East Glendale, Queens. Two Two Worlds Melded together in this dream:

It’s Free Throw Time in the Knights Of Columbus. It’s also “Hot Stove” time, in Baseball, hence yearning for our National Past-Time, as it was the Dead Of Winter;

Curt Schilling appeared in this dream, as did Mike Lowell. The 2007 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, were part of the theme of this dream. I was part of that season, in person, having gone to 2 Games at Fenway Park in Boston;

The #7 Times Square-Flushing Line of MTA-NYC Subway, was also in this picture. That line travels to Main Street, with a station at the most-famous landmark on that line, Shea Stadium, Home of the NY Mets, who, through their owners, found ways to cut corners, resulting in a product, which failed on the field like a house of cards, in 2007;

Curt Schilling was looking to link his blog to the Blog, carrying coverage of the Monsignor Sherman Council, Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship. Permission was granted to Curt Schilling(, became a virtual “;

I was chronicling the Contest on It even got to the point where FOX Sports had Ken Rosenthal(MLB On FOX), writing about the contest. The Contest generates a lot of passion in NYC & now, the rest of the Country. The Contest in Sherman, was brought forth by a member of Red Sox Nation, assisted in print, by a Yankees Fan, in 1992, before the Age of Derek Jeter;

I was on the #7 Flushing Line, writing a Free Throw Article, being asked for assistance, in the project, which I had chaired for many seasons, before going into another Council, to refresh my spirits, which were drooping from Unnerving Harassment, by a small, but influential courterie of Past Grand Knights, who’re indispensible in Council Affairs, and are to The Council, what A-Rod thinks he is, to the NY Yankees. The Courterie and A-Rod, fit like a glove. Just ask OJ;

I was in discussion with my Once and Now-Current Financial Secretary, who now chairs that Contest, on the #7 Line. It was a Cloudy Day and the Council had a Contest Triumph. I was filled with enthusiasm, unto the point, where I asked if I could take over running the Free Throw Project. As he was responding in the affirmative, I was awakened from this dream, by the sound of my cell phone;

It was a call from my Current Grand Knight, asking me to work a 1st Degree, Tomorrow evening @ Sherman 5103 in East Glendale. I responde that I was ready for tomorrow night & will be there;

The Knights Of Columbus & Fenway Park have a connection, because on Saturday, June 28th, 1997, I was @ the 5:05PM Game, Detroit Tigers @ Boston Red Sox, with the Sawx being shut out, 6-0, as part of a Game Venture between Ridgewood Council 1814 & Arlington Council. I was a Visiting Grand Knight in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts & enjoyed that game, rooting as an underdog, in a pond of Yankees Fans, asides the Red Sox Fans. That game cemented my desire as a member of Red Sox Nation;

I came back to Boston for more, in Sorrow & Joy;

And I return to my Council In East Glendale, refreshed with the Passion of my youth;




Blogger Suldog said...

Don't know how you might feel about this, Michael, but my blog today concerns Christmas advertising, etc., before Thanksgiving. If interested, come over and have a read. If REALLY interested, well, instructions in the blog :-)

12:09 PM  
Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Next Thing, Sul, will be Christmas Adverts, by Labor Day:

WAY TOO Early!

12:33 PM  

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