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Monday, February 17, 2014

OK We Are Back

The last time I did anything on Blogger, it was via an iPod Touch 4G or on my old eMac.
But, these days I am content to operate via Google's Android System on 4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich).
It is funny for an old hand on Mac and iOS, but with Android, I can have a good smartphone at a reasonable price from Sprint's Virgin Mobile USA. Yet, I can operate online from anywhere in the NYC and Boston Metropolitan Areas as if I was wired with a Notebook Computer.
What is fascinating is that one can transmit Internet Television without all kinds of heavy equipment. 
For the past two days over, Highly Cultural Events were telecast from an Android Phone from Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens on on Saturday Evening and Sunday Afternoon. These events were seen live over the web.
Television was initially live and film & is now digitally recorded.  Rare is the live entertainment show. When the Historic 2011 Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage was carried in full for the 1st Time in History, the 1st Round was on You Tube(Despite My Vehement Objections to The Contrary), Dailymotion,, Vimeo, iTunes, VodPod(Lockers), AOL Video, Viddler, FaceBook & I This was an experiment at going beyond You Tube.
Round Two was carried on You Tube and Dailymotion,, marking the 1st Time a High Definition Webcast occurred on a Service other than You Tube(Dailymotion). One Segment was in both English and French. The Dailymotion Stream of that Segment was carried on the Belgian Website of RTL, the Largest Privately Owned Radio and Television Network in Europe. The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, due to appearing on the RTL Website, had finally arrived.

The Historic Coverage, still on Dailymotion, will be posted here on this blog. I look at it this way,,as there are other ways of presenting this coverage.

Live From Somewhere in Queens,,NY, this competition will be telecast. It is time to go live.


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