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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Step Down Is Well Thought

I know! If you're like me, the 1st Appearance of a Pope's Resignation in print, at least digitally transmitted, would have made me think that someone was pulling off a "Purim Joke", of the variety of what is published for satirical fun during the Jewish Festival of Purim.
Back in September, 1978,, Albino Cardinal Luciani, Patriarch of Venice, hence the last Italian Pope, dies after 33 Days with questions surrounding his death. Those questions remain. Did Luciani upset someone's Apple Cart of Power?
It was within the 3rd Year of the Reign of Blessed John Paul The Great, when Joseph Aloysius Cardinal Ratzinger, Theologian/Canon Lawyer & Archbishop of Munich, Germany, was named Prefect Of The Sacred Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith.
Let's just say that when clarification of Canon Law was needed by Blessed JP II, Cardinal Ratzinger was there with that clarification. This went on until JP II's Death.
This evening on Wednesday, 02/13/13,@ 2000 Central European Time, the last Ceremony presided over by Pope Benedict XVI, occurred. Everything is private from herein. On Thursday, 02/28/13 at 2000 CET, the Office of the Papacy is vacant until an election can be held. Unlike other Papal Conclaves, the current Pope will be a Papa Emeritus.

This Scholar will be missed. He has the courage to know "When To Hold & Fold'em."
Ad Multos Annos, Papa Ratzingev!

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