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Thursday, November 15, 2012

"The Kong Show On Blip" Production Was A Real Challenge This Time Around

This time around, it was a challenge, full of expletives uttered & wondering if all was lost. That is what occurs when the production machine, doubling as Video Camera & Mobile Production Facility, is overloaded. Certain Apps were removed to make room for HD Video.
Six Episodes were uploaded including a Public Service Program called "A Plea For Sandy Victims." Five other episodes, all of it Comedy, were edited & uploaded, via Up2Blip App, to BlipTV & cross-posted to Facebook and to Posterous Spaces.
Now I know how my 1st Director Felt when putting together her 1st Web Series, "Peripheral City", currently on At times, tempers were short. Putting together the 2nd Season of "The Kong Show On Blip", reminds me of my inaugural production of The Knights Of Columbus Int'l Free Throw Basketball Championship, currently running on & Only there I was dealing with Parents, Contestants & Organization Heads, who don't know the 1st Damn Thing about video networks & think that You Tube is the ONLY thing out there. Thank Goodness for my 1st Director, who pointed me in another direction, like away from You Tube Exclusivity.
But, the Producers Of The Kong Show Live, wanted exposure & are getting it. They don't act like certain parents & their charges, who think that You Tube is the only answer. On BlipTV, they have exposure, in that people watching the BlipTV Casts are now buying tickets to the live performances at Club Iguana on West 54th Street near Broadway. Besides, The Free Throw Parents have inspired a planned Web Only Special, called "The Gossipy, Whiny Washwomen From Queens", which mocks both Reality Shows on NBC Bravo & assorted a--h---- who think their little darling will get Justin Bieber Like #s for shooting foul shots.
High Culture is being added over the next four days. One will be added later today(A Sung Schubert Piece) & Sunday, 11/18, with a Performance Of "La Palestrina."
Five Funny Shows are up. More stuff is coming.

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