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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


VoIP Skype, Pinger TextFree & now Bobsled Calling, these are Apps which can turn an iPod Touch & iPad into a mobile phone. In the case of Skype, A Skype To Skype call is free. Pinger TextFree, where one can accumulate minutes by downloading apps & watching short clips, or by buying a package of minutes, is interesting but the voice quality is suspect. Bobsled Calling for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, is high quality voice service, presented by T-Mobile. I have it here on the iPod Touch 4G & find outstanding voice quality. They will soon be coming out with Bobsled Messaging for iOS Devices. And to think that T-Mobile is, once again, via Voice Over Internet Protocol, my primary phone carrier-it is like going back to my experimental days with OMNIPOINT. My world has expanded again. M

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Blogger Samantha_JunctionNetworks said...

Hey check out this free webinar for IVR best practices by Allison "The Voice" of Asterisk:  Hope to see you there!

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