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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Post-Postseason @ Professor Thom's-Red Sox HQ In NYC

So be it-College Football on Saturdays & The NFL on Sundays & Monday Nights:

If The Patriots are involved, The Playing of "Dirty Water", "Sweet Caroline", "Tessie" & "Send Up To Boston", are mandatory victory songs. After all, The Patriots have won every Game played, while Bellichick plots his moves in a Brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn;

During the week, the NBA & NHL, are on, with The Bruins on NESN, The Rangers, Devils & Islanders on MSG; The Celtics on FSN-NE & The Knicks on MSG, while the Nets are on YES & Michael Kay is NOT on it. The, the NBA is on ESPN & TNT;

TBS is running movies. Mercifully, NO ONE has to hear Chip Caray;
On FOX, we have to hear Joe Buck, only he's with Troy Aikman, NOT Tim Mc Carver;

Then there's the Comedically-Mandatory Recitation of "The Riviera List", where every name is preceded by the expletive "F---";

It ends when Ennis, chants "F--- F---ing Kazmarek-F--- him";

To those members of Red Sox Nation, visiting NYC, AVOID "The Rivera Cafe' & Sports Bar" & come to "Professor Thom's", The HQ of Red Sox Nation-NYC;

Even Go to "The Hairy Monk", which is "Red Sox Romance Land"(@ Least For Me, It Is);

But, by all means, Absof---inglutely, avoid "The Riviera"-It's a Pink Hat Dive-I had food poisoning from eating the Chili, there. There's no "Big Giant PEZ", there. No REAL Red Sox Bar would EVER have a Portrait of Roger Clemens, wearing a Red Sox Jersey, but these dudes do, hence "The Riv's Permanent S--- Listing";

I can't wait until the 1st Spring-Training Game, in Fort Meyers, FL;




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